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Key Benefits of the Puraflo System:-


  • Small footprint required
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Straight forward installation of packaged system
  • Odour free
  • Ideal for Holidayhome applications
  • 100% natural system – no additives
  • High quality performance
  • 99.9% removal of total and fecal coliforms
  • 100% removal of viruses
  • Up-grades Old Systems


Typical Site conditions for the Puraflo System

LAnd example of install     Example of installation land


  • Fast Percolation rate Soil conditions i.e. Vp < 15 secs/mm
  • Slow Percolation rate Soil conditions i.e. Vp > 100 but less than 140 secs/mm
  • Very Slow Percolation rate Soil conditions i.e. Vp > 140 secs/mm
  • Shallow depth to ground water
  • Shallow depth to restrictive layer or rock
  • In flood zones the modules can be elevated on a platform under the house & piped to ground
  • Modules can be sunk level into the ground ( if site conditions allow )
  • Wooded areas, small & sloping sites can be used
  • A smaller percolation area is used due to the pre-treatment


Useful Applications for Puraflo System

  • Discharges in vicinity of bathing waters, shellfish waters, groundwaters / abstraction waters
    – high level of treatment, disinfection & ammonia removal
  • Discharges to surface waters
    – high level of environmental protection
  • Discharges to soakaways where the percolation rate is too fast Vp < 15 secs/mm
    – high level of environmental protection
  • Discharges to soakaways where the percolation rate is too slow Vp > 100secs/mm
  • Holiday Homes
  • Seasonal Lets
  • Can replace Raised Mound Systems


Puraflo Wastewater Treatment Systems

PuralFlo   Distribution Pipe work inside Module

PuraFlo system   Pipe Work covered with Peat Fibre to prevent odours

PuraFlo System   Module as delivered to site


A Typical PuraFlo Installation

The following photo gallery provides step by step instructions on a typical installation of the Puraflo Wastewater Treatment System.


1. Pump chamber ready to be put in place                            2.  Pump chamber connected to septic tank  

PuraFlo installation                                                                      PuraFlo installation


3.  Area for Modules excavated & levelled                               4. Concrete blocks & lintels in place

PuraFlo installation                                                            PuraFlo installation


5. Stone added up to height of lintels                                          6. Area ready for Modules

PuraFlo installation                                                            PuraFlo installation


7. Modules are lifted into position                                          8. Control Panel in place beside pump chamber.

PuraFlo installation                                                            PuraFlo installation



9. Modules in place and
covered with soil to lid 

PuraFlo installation                                 

Treated Effluent Dispersal Options

Most common:


  • Piped from the Puraflo modules direct to watercourse
  • To watercourse via partial soakaway
  • Surface discharge i.e. soakaway
  • Soakaway plinth with high level overflow going to watercourse

Average 10 year Performance





% Reduction

BOD (mg/L)




TSS  (mg/L)




NH3-N  (mg/L)




Total Coliforms(cfu/100 ml)

3.9 x 10 6



Fecal Coliforms (cfu/100ml

9.1 x 10 5



Pathogenic Bacteria




The Puraflo system has provided test results of :-   3 BOD, 4 Suspended Solids, 1 NH4 on a 95%ile basis


Other Applications:-

Puraflos replacing failed Raised Mound in Alford, Aberdeenshire.


before install      before install

During installation

during installation       during installation

After installation

After installation


1. Puraflo Vs Raised Mound Systems

The Puraflo Modules can be used as Tertiary treatment in place of the Raised Mound system – providing an extremely high level of treatment.

Consider the following:

1. Improved aesthetics

2. Smaller Footprint

3. Separation Distances maintained

4. High level of treatment

5. Easy to Install

6. Easy to operate

7. Easy to maintain

8. Easy to upgrade


2. Holiday Home / Seasonal Let Applications

The Puraflo system is ideal for Intermittent & Seasonal use applications.

During the period of reduced or no wastewater flow:-

  • Bacteria and fungi form spores
  • Non spore forming organisms – remain in dormant inactive state
  • Some M.O.’s and higher life forms persist and feed on residual biomass
  • Peat Fibre remains as effective physical and chemical filter

When there is a Fresh supply of wastewater:-

  • Micro-organisms quickly resuscitate
  • System quickly reactivates and becomes fully efficient
  • Minimum time lag